Possible order to protect Linlithgow trees

A Tree Preservation Order may be  brought in to  protect trees in the Springfield area of Linlithgow.

General view of Springfield Road in Linlithgow.

A report to the town’s Local Area Committee highlighted issues where felling had taken place without common consent of neighbours amid uncertainty of ownership.

The report said: “A comprehensive survey of the tree belts is currently being undertaken by officers to determine the requirement for Tree Protection Orders. A public meeting will be arranged with local residents to discuss the options for the future maintenance of the trees and areas of public open space on land owned by the ‘Residents in Common’.”

The report had detailed: “Having established that the council doesn’t own all the tree belts within the Springfield area, the residents who had made enquiries to the council regarding the removal of trees in areas where it was determined that the trees belonged to ‘Residents in Common’ were informed that they had the right, with the agreement of neighbours, to have the trees safely pruned or felled at their own expense.

“The residents were also informed that the council would continue to maintain the trees and areas of open space on land owned by “Residents in Common” on an informal basis provided there were no fundamental changes to land use or significant felling without the council’s permission.”

However, the report highlighted significant felling had taken place, adding: “The trees were removed without the council’s permission and without residents communicating with their wider neighbours.”