Punters kept right on track by Platform 3

Pub owner Ian Gibson alongside the new monitor
Pub owner Ian Gibson alongside the new monitor

A pub in Linlithgow is certainly living up to its name after installing new technology in its premises.

The Platform 3 is keeping customers right on track after putting up a monitor displaying the latest train times on its wall.

No longer will passengers in the pub have that sinking feeling of having one for the road only to see the train pull away from them after a desperate dash to the station.

The advance in technology called Darwin takes a direct feed from the nationalised rail timetable for departures making it a real-time journey planner.

Pub owner Ian Gibson said: “It’s been quite funny. People have been asking if there is flight information, though, why they would be having a drink in this pub before getting a flight I don’t know.

“But it’s been a real conversational starter amongst punters.

“It’s great if they are getting a particular train. It means they can wait in the P3 and won’t be subjected to the cold on the platform waiting on a train.”

Craig Dunn (37), Waverley Station coordinator and who has drank in the pub for years, was the brains behind the operation.

He said: “I know Ian really well and wanted to help him out. It looks absolutely brilliant. Tourists who come in to the town regularly ask for train times so now it’s easy for them to see when their train is departing.

“It takes the pressure off staff as well as they don’t have to check behind the bar for the information.”