Pupils tribute to ‘grandpa’ Ronnie

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Pupils have honoured their former lollipop man with a plaque outside their school.

Ronnie McLeod passed away in June last year, aged 87, after 22 years service outside the school gates of Low Port Primary, and the children wanted to do something special to thank him for his wonderful service.

On Wednesday the plaque to Ronnie was unveiled in front of pupils, parents, teachers, councillors and his two daughters Shona Boyle and Heather Pike.

P7 pupils read out their memories of Ronnie and what he meant to them at the plaque which they designed and chose the wording for.

Pupil Megan Van der Westhuizen, described him as being an “extra grandpa”. Another pupil Rebecca Stirling said: “He will be gone but never forgotten.”

Leah Cameron said: “He was loved by everyone at the school.”

Ronnie’s daughter Shona (58) said: “It was a wonderful tribute. It means he will always be remembered.”

Heather (54), who is also a lollipop lady in the area since 2007, said: “The plaque means the world to us.”

Head teacher Jane Livingston said: “Ronnie was a very special man, far more than our lollipop man. For the pupils it has been said that it was like having an extra grandpa.

“He was our friend and he was always ready with a warm smile, a cheery wave and a wee story. He kept everyone safe crossing the road and sometimes he stayed a bit late to make sure everyone got across the road safe and sound.

“He had a way of making you feel special and he was loved by us all.

“Ronnie was very special, not just to the pupils, teachers and parents of Low Port Primary School but to the whole of the Linlithgow community.

“We hope that this plaque shows how well loved he was by everyone who met him.”