Queensferry Crossing brings ‘wow factor’ to Queensferry

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Residents have been filled with a sense of pride after the Queensferry Crossing opened his week.

The new £1.35 billion bridge which has been six years in the making saw the first vehicles cross over the 1.7 mile long cable-stayed structure during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

By the time rush hour came drivers faced lengthy delays as traffic swelled from motorists desperate to go over or get a glimpse of the Crossing and a breakdown of a lorry did not help.

Events have been lined up for a week-long celebration.

The bridge will close to vehicles today (Friday) as this weekend 50,000 balloted visitors will be given the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to walk across the bridge.

The bridge will be officially opened by HM The Queen on Monday before a community day will be held the day after, enabling 10,000 pupils from Queensferry schools and local groups the chance to walk it.

On September 7 the Crossing will reopen to traffic.

David Steel, chairman of the Ferry Fair and is involved in various other community groups, believes the hype surrounding the new bridge can only bode well for Queensferry going forward.

He said: “A lot of people just want to come and drive across it. By and large it seems to have been received very well apart from the traffic over the last couple of days.

“Hopefully visitors realise what a nice place Queensferry is and come back again to spend a day out in the town.

“My general feeling is that it can only be a good thing provided the traffic can be managed.

“There is definitely a sense of pride with this being in Queensferry. There’s a wow factor.

“It’s unique, there is nowhere else in the world with three bridges together built in three different centuries.”

Switching traffic over to the new bridge will also bring an added benefit to residents living around the bridge.

David said: “There is usually a loud humming sound from the Forth Road Bridge and cars bumping over it.

“But we couldn’t hear anything from the harbour car park from the new bridge which is a boost to residents living around the area who would have to put up with the noise.”