Scheme rollout could recoup millions in unclaimed benefits

Councillor Cammy Day.
Councillor Cammy Day.

A successful pilot scheme that helped parents recover more than £250,000  could be rolled out across the Capital to help people living in poverty recoup an estimated £80m a year in unclaimed benefits.

The depute leader of Edinburgh City Council, Councillor Cammy Day, who is also the vice chairman of the Edinburgh Povetry Commission, has called for the Maximise project to be expanded to help residents claw back millions of pounds they are entitled to.

Around 80,000 people in Edinburgh live in poverty – while the latest figures show that 43,200 of these people are in a household where someone is in work. 

Of the 21,900 children in poverty in the city, two thirds (13,800), are living in families where an adult is in work.

The Maximise project, which has been piloted in around 20 schools in the Edinburgh City Council area has recouped around £256,000 for families – while  it is estimated that every £1 spent on the service recovers around £23 for families.