Shoplifters steal from charity shop

Jill Hudson manager of Chest, Heart and Stoke charity shop in the High Street
Jill Hudson manager of Chest, Heart and Stoke charity shop in the High Street

Shameless shoplifters have stolen goods from a charity shop in the High Street in Linlithgow.

Jill Hudson (49), the manager of the Chest, Heart and Stroke outlet, said she was disgusted that the shop had been targeted by opportunist thieves last month.

She believes the shoplifters have come from outside the town and it is most prominent at the weekend. She hopes it doesn’t put off generous residents donating to the cause.

Jill said: “They are stealing small things such as CDs but also clothes and anything they can get their hands on basically.

“I stopped one woman and she had different items in her bag from another charity shop. I am disgusted. I think a lot of them think we are a soft target and fair game because we are not purchasing the items.

“However, they are taking wages from stroke nurses or speech therapists and it is upsetting. I do not know how they can live with themselves.”

Jill has been the shop manager for two years, Products in the shop are sold to raise funds for the charity which researches how to improve the quality of life for those affected by chest, heart or stroke illness.

She said: “Initially it was really bad for fake notes but we have clamped down on that.

“Theft is an ongoing issue and it is so frustrating. I do not want my volunteers to feel as though they have to keep watch all the time.

“And at the same time I don’t want generous residents being put off donating to us.

“We rely on their kindness and we are always looking for volunteers if people can spare their time.”
A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Local officers attended at a charity shop on Linlithgow High Street in September after staff raised concerns to police over the store’s security.

“General crime prevention advice was provided and warmly received by those working within the premises.”