‘Someone could have been killed’

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A mother-of-three whose windscreen was smashed after youngsters threw stones at by-passing cars has warned somebody could have been killed.

Alison Hastie (59), from Westfield, was driving into Linlithgow last Thursday afternoon when the shocking incident happened.

The assistant organist at St Michael’s Catholic Church was in town ahead of the Antonine Ensemble last weekend.

She was travelling on Mains Road just after 3pm when a large stone was hurled from the trees towards her car near Linlithgow Rugby Club.

At first she thought it might have been a stone which was whipped up by one of the vehicles in front but to her shock it was a couple of youngsters that were throwing stones.

Alison said: “I was driving through and suddenly there was this huge bang on the windscreen,

“The glass was shattered. The hole was about the size of my fist. It wasn’t a chuckie stone that had got kicked up off the road by another car. I was shocked, cross and a bit shaken.

“I got out of the car to see which side the stone had come from. I looked up towards the trees and could see a couple of youngsters as soon as they saw me they ducked away.

“I would guess they were around late primary or start of secondary school age.”

She phoned the police to alert them to the incident but the youths continued to throw stones.

She said: “I thought that would have been it but while I was on the phone to the police there was a lady behind with an open top car and a big stone was thrown at her.

“I spoke to her after and she said she felt it whistle past her head.

“It is such a stupid thing to do.

“I don’t think they realised the consequences of their actions.

“Someone could have been killed.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said officers were investigating the incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact Linlithgow Police Station on 101 quoting incident number 2208 of August 24.