South Queensferry fundraisers hold their own Loony Dook

Hilarious video has emerged of a group of fundraisers braving the sharp shallows of the Forth in their own unofficial Loony Dook.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 6:33 am
Brave regulars from the Stag Head Hotel took the plunge to raise money in their own unofficial Loony Dook.

Mobile phone footage captured on New Year’s Day shows the shrieking band – one bare-chested and another in a dressing gown – heading into the water. They took on the chilly challenge to help fund medical research after a fellow regular at the Stag Head Hotel in South Queensferry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“The thing with the official one is that you have to be there from two hours before and stand around – it’s freezing,” said organiser Alison Gillon (49).

“It’s incredibly cold, especially when it hits your middle and goes over your shoulders – it takes the breath from you.

“It clears away your hangover from Hogmanay.”

What started out as banter between friends ended up with more than a dozen taking the plunge. The group, spanning four decades in age with the youngest hardy soul just nine, met at the Stag for some pre-dook Dutch courage.

It was here they met pal Malcolm Stubbs (78), who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease before Christmas.

One of the more experienced dookers was Alison’s son George, who at just 13 is already a veteran of four events.

The mini marvel started the official Loony Dook for Cancer Research after his dad, Ian Hardie, died in 2012 of bowel cancer, aged 57.

The group have already raised £700 for Parkinson’s UK – with a tin collection boosting the online appeal.