South Queensferry girl’s fundraiser for baby brother

Kaly-Leigh Knoyle with her baby brother Oliver, pictured in hospital and at home.
Kaly-Leigh Knoyle with her baby brother Oliver, pictured in hospital and at home.

An eight-year-old girl will do a sponsored walk over the Forth Road Bridge to raise cash for the special care baby unit which helped her brother.

Kaly-Leigh Knoyle from South Queensferry, will do the fundraiser next week for the unit at St John’s Hospital, where her baby brother Oliver was born six weeks early in July and had to receive specialist care.

Their mum Leighanne Knoyle is proud of her daughter’s efforts. She said: “We hope to make £250, and after she has completed her walk she would like to cash the funds in for a cheque to hand into the unit herself. She has raised £150 so far.

“Her baby brother who is now six weeks old, was actually born six weeks early and received treatment in the special care unit for some time.

“The care the team gave him and all the other babies was and is amazing.

“Kaly would love to show this appreciation and not just due to her brother but for all other sick/premature babies too, she’s been really touched by the whole goings on.

“Due to her age we think this is a very kind and generous idea off her own back.

“She’s actually taken so much pride in this and due to the go fund me page I would just like locals who have donated to see that it has went to a genuine cause.”

Leighanne added: “ We will be making our own printed t-shirts and banners so family members can support her on her walk. Kaly also intends to do more charity work with the charity Bliss and will do this through the school (if she can) we are awaiting confirmation of this. To raise awareness also for world premature day on November 17.”

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