Torphichen homes rejected

Plans for two homes in Torphichen show single storey frontages, but neighbours at the back would see  “two blocks of four storey flats”, councillors heard.

Kenneth Andrew applied for planning permission to build the two homes on garden ground  south of 14 Craigs Court. The topography of the site allowed  the plans to create almost cottage like single frontages but  taking advantage of a slope so that from the rear there would be three and a half storeys.

A report by planning officers said: “There is approximately a five metres difference in the ground levels to leave height between the north and south elevations.

“The proposed houses will have four bedrooms over four floors with an integral garage on the bottom floor.”

Geraldine Malcolm who lives behind the site said: “It looks like I will have four storeys looming over me,looking into my kitchen, into my bathroom. It looks like two blocks of four storey flats.”

Planners agreed. They  had recommended refusal arguing that the design, while within the village boundary, was out of place. They also had serious concerns about the loss of tree the building would mean and added traffic problems on an already narrow access road into the village from Bathgate.

Members of the Development Management committee accepted planners’ advice and rejected the planning application.