TV slot for Prof James

Professor James Jenkins
Professor James Jenkins

A former pupil of Bo’ness Academy is now an eminent professor of astronomy who this week appeared on television discussing the possibility of man finding an alternative planet which could sustain human life.

Professor James Jenkins discussed such a possibility on ‘‘The Search For A New Earth’’’ fronted by Stephen Hawking which screened on BBC2 on Monday evening.

Dr Jenkins was born and raised in Newtown Street and attended the Public Primary School and Bo’ness Academy before studying at Falkirk College where he gained an HND in measurement and control. James went on to university in Liverpool gaining a First Class Honours Degree in Astrophysics in 2003.

This was followed up with a PhD at the University of Hertfordshire and a post-doctoral position at Pennsylvania State University.

He is now a full professor at the University of Santiago in Chile working at the cutting edge of astronomy and astrophysics

Since 2006 James has published in excess of 120 scientific papers connected to his subject.

He was profiled in the second edition of Peter Aitken’s excellent book on Bo’ness notables ‘‘Wha’s Like Us?’’

Peter said: “He is a remarkable young man.’’