US-based South Queensferry public speaker releases new book to help others overcome fears

A public speaker from South Queensferry, who moved to America 16 years ago, has written a new book focused on business presentations.

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 6:00 am
South Queensferry man Glenn Gibson, speaking at Cleveland Public Theatre.

Glenn Gibson (44) was born and raised in South Queensferry, went to Queensferry High, and emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 2005.

After building a career as a public speaker for a leading software company, he has just published a new book, titled ‘Before the Mic’.

Fear of public speaking is a very real anxiety, affecting up to 74 per cent of the population according to a study by Statistic Brain Research Institute. Glenn hopes to help people overcome their fears of public speaking with his new book.

Before the Mic book cover.

He said: “I’ve won several awards for public speaking and it’s my mission to help all presenters increase their confidence before the mic.

"There is a real fear many people experience when public speaking which is generally ignored by employers who expect their people to deliver great presentations without providing adequate training or support. My book provides a solid basis for that training.

“At my website, you can see my book trailer and additional endorsements I’ve received from executives, leaders, and entertainers."

Although now a permanent resident stateside, Glenn loves to get home to Scotland, and he revealed that his book has been endorsed by a famous Scot.

He said: "I get a lot of joy as a Scotsman speaking for a living in the States and I say that my feet are in Ohio but my heart is in Scotland.

“My dad still lives in South Queensferry and I visit home whenever I can, to get a pint in the Ferry Tap, a chippie with my favorite salt n’ sauce, and to go see the Hearts.

"I’ve been a huge Runrig fan since high school and have flown home many times to see them, including going to their final concert underneath Stirling Castle with my wife and two boys.

"I’m so honored that Rory Macdonald, songwriter and bass player from Runrig, provided this endorsement quote for the back cover of my book. He said: ‘The use of songwriting as an analogy – i.e. the creation of original material, straight from the heart – is a recurring theme throughout this brilliant book of ideas and life-changing advice on how to write captivating presentations’.”

Before the Mic is available now from Amazon in paperback and on kindle.