VIDEO: Funding boost for Burgh Beautiful

An environmental group set up to enhance the look of the town has received a funding boost this week.

Burgh Beautiful which is made up of a number of local groups and volunteers received £2000 from Tesco’s community bags of help grant.

The grant – money donated from 5p bags – will go towards the relaying of the pathway at Burgh Beautiful’s base at Clarendon just off Manse Road in Linlithgow.

Averil Stewart, from Burgh Beautiful, said: “This lovely old brick path which was laid by volunteers, is slippy in winter so we felt before we could have a lot of members of the public coming here we needed to make the paths safe so that is what the £2000 will go towards.

“In the long-term we would like to have workshops open to the public, summer work days for kids during the holidays but that depends on volunteers and funding here.”

It is a big year for Burgh Beautiful who have entered the Beautiful Scotland competition hoping to emulate their success in 2011 when they won the coveted Rosebowl honour (best in Scotland)

Averil added: “We have won several prizes in the past including the coveted Rosebowl and the challenge is to win that again.

“Volunteers are working incredibly hard for the judges who will come at the beginning of August.

“Right the way through the town they will see so many different things from the flowers, beds, hanging baskets and flower tubs.”

She added: “We could do with more volunteers, people retire, fall ill or go on holiday it but doesn’t just have to be enthusiasts for gardening, we need people to provide other services.”

Tesco Community Champion John Ward said: “We’re glad to be helping out local community projects. This has given them extra funding and hopefully it will make a difference to the charity.”