Volunteers aid town to clean up its streets

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A group of hardy volunteers has filled over a 1000 bags of rubbish in just over a year during a litter blitz of the town.

In March 2016, a member of the Greenferry Trust, David Hutcheson, was so disgusted with the amount of rubbish strewn in Ferry Muir Road, South Queensferry he began picking it up.

His work inspired like-minded others to join in and help raise awareness of the issue.

They targeted litter hotspots and encouraged local businesses, schools and the community to get involved.

Now in 12 months of action they have revived the group Cleanferry, which consists of 14 volunteers helping the area to clean up its act.

They meet every six weeks to provide a major clean-up of a litter hotspot in town, while some also work on their own or in little groups weekly or every fortnight.

Last Saturday, they celebrated their first year and have collected 1173 bags.

David says it is about a change in attitude.

He said: “The big challenge is to change the culture in this country where littering is acceptable. Unfortunately we have a significant minority of people in all our communities who, for various reasons, have little or no values and they will not change their ways so we need to focus our efforts on the new generation who are more malleable to change.

“The group are extremely ambitious and keen to build upon the amazing work of their volunteers reaching out to businesses and schools to engage the whole community.”