West Lothian Council to build controversial path in Linlithgow park

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West Lothian Council has won permission to build a controversial tarred footpath through Linlithgow’s Lady Park.

The new path will be  six and a half feet wide, rather than the original  nine feet planned, the minimum width for a path adopted for maintenance by the council.

At a meeting of the council’s development management committee, officers agreed to further changes proposed by councillors to the outline of the path at its southern end.

Despite this concession  the many objectors  remain unhappy that their concerns have not been listened to.  

From the outset of the planning process many of them questioned the need for a rebuilt path to incur into Lady Park, traditionally leased as grazing to a tenant farmer.

And it was revealed that the proposals have been on the table for two years, with little or no contact between the council and local objectors to iron out differences.

Local member David Tait told the meeting of his concerns. He said: “I am surprised to hear that the applicants were aware two years ago of what the concerns were  and they have failed to set-up an effective meeting.

“I don’t see this(committee)as the place to be thrashing out details.”

He added: “It’s a  very difficult issue.”

Tom Costley, a neighbour and one of the objectors,  said further discussions would be welcomed adding: “The devil is in the detail with these plans.”

Councillor Tait suggested continuing the proposals until the next meeting to allow officials to sort out more issues other than simply straightening the path. “There is nothing to be lost in doing that,” he added.

However, committee chairman Councillor Charles Kennedy proposed  an amendment of granting permission with the added condition of straightening the path.

The committee voted in favour of this motion.