West Lothian pupils are a class act

Attainment in West Lothian schools has improved in all areas compared to 2017/18.
Attainment in West Lothian schools has improved in all areas compared to 2017/18.

West Lothian schoolchildren continue to perform above the national average in all key measurements of literacy and numeracy.

The Education Executive saw evidence that local pupils are achieving above national performance in all 20 national measures, a rise from 19 out of 20 in 2017/18.

West Lothian is ranked third out of 32 councils in Scotland for Combined P1, 4 and 7 Numeracy and fourth for Combined P1, 4 and 7 Literacy. Attainment has improved in all areas compared to 2017/18, with a significant improvement of eight per cent in literacy by the end of P1.

The attainment gap, which measures the difference in performance of students from the most and least affluent backgrounds, has not changed significantly in West Lothian. This is attributed to a similar rise in performance by local pupils of all backgrounds. In some local authorities which are reporting their attainment gap is closing, this has been  attributed to a drop in performance from pupils from more affluent backgrounds.

Local EIS secretary, Heather Hughes  praised the robust moderation of school performance across West Lothian and the co-operation with teaching staff in driving  attainment.  She said: “I’d just like to really commend the fact that here in West Lothian we use teachers professional judgement as the main basis for knowing that our students are securing a level in Curriculum for Excellence.

“Teachers in classrooms are the experts, we are the professionals and we’re the ones that our young people  are in front of every day. On a daily basis we carry our assessments in  our learning activities.”

Executive councillor for education David Dodds said: “The performance of West Lothian  pupils is outstanding, recording above the national average in every key area.

“Well done to all the pupils, parent/carers, teachers and support staff who have played a vital  role in West Lothian achieving top four in Scotland for both numeracy and literacy. To put this into context, West Lothian would be around 17th in Scotland if we performed as expected by demographics, so this is an incredible accomplishment.

“Our dedicated school staff will continue to work to support pupils of all levels, regardless of background or ability, to achieve their full potential, giving them the best possible opportunities for future success.”