Pest team thatknows how to get rid of your unwanted bike

080811 wasps nest above linlithgow gazette office
080811 wasps nest above linlithgow gazette office

It’s called a “bike”, and in summer it could pop up somewhere like a garage, garden shed, chimney or attic.

But while there are plenty of recommended ways of getting rid of these wasp “cities” (local example pictured here) the consequences of getting it wrong can be painful, even dangerous.

West Lothian Council’s pest control team says it’s there to help if you do suffer a wasp invasion, and says they are probably “the most feared” of the pests its experts have to deal with.

However they also handle issues with rats, mice, fleas, squirrels and moles, among others.

Craig Seath, Pest Control Supervisor said: “Our small team have over 80 years’ combined experience together and there is very little that we haven’t seen or heard.

“Often pests can cause a lot of anxiety for householders and we’re here to offer advice and assistance.”

The council do not treat bees as they are not designated pests and in some cases are becoming endangered.

Bees will only sting when they feel threatened (because it’s a valedictory sting, after which they die - whereas wasps have no such inhibitions) and the best advice is to leave them well alone.

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