PET DOG injuries denied by builder

Ian and Eve Forrest with a picture of their dog Glen.
Ian and Eve Forrest with a picture of their dog Glen.
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A couple are heartbroken and distraught after having the family’s pet dog put down by a local vet.

Ian and Eve Forrest, who run High Street pub The Four 
Marys, had let their dog Glen out at 3am on Thursday, November 20, but became concerned when he didn’t return indoors as he normally did.

Searching for him by torchlight, the couple eventually 
noticed that the boundary safety fence separating their garden from a housing development at the site of the former bus depot had been left open.

They searched the site and found Glen had fallen over five feet into a ditch and was seriously injured.

The developers, McCarthy and Stone have responded to the couple’s claim that it was negligence on their part which caused the incident. They have refused to accept responsibility, and are claiming that the fence has always been in good order and never left open.

Ian and Eve are now considering their options given the builders’ refusal to accept liability for the death of their dog. See page 3 for full story