Philpstoun bridges demolished as railway line work continues

The bridges both east and west of Philpstoun have been demolished so work can continue on the railway line
The bridges both east and west of Philpstoun have been demolished so work can continue on the railway line

Two bridges in Philpstoun have been demolished as Network Rail continue the electrification of central Scotland’s railways.

Over the Christmas period employees worked through the night to bring down the bridges, one east of Philpstoun and another near Kingsfield Golf Range.

The work has been ongoing since November 2, when inspections were carried out and diversions were put in place. The roads temporarily re-opened between November 16 and December 21.

With demolition work now completed, Network Rail can begin the job of installing the overhead line electrification cables.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “The demolition of the bridges is a significant step towards delivering the required height clearance to safely install the overhead power cables.”

During the closure of the road traffic has been diverted but there is no access for walkers or cyclists.

Graham Black, a resident of Philpstoun, enjoys walking his dogs around the canal, a route which took him over the bridge near the Park Bistro cafe.

He said: “It is a shame there is no footpath anymore as it means my dogs do not get as good a walk as they usually do.

“The route is very popular with people out for a stroll, but until the bridges are re-built people will just have to follow the diversions.

“Network Rail gave us all plenty of warning the bridge was to be demolished so I am not complaining.”

The Park Bistro lies to the South of Kingsfield Golf Centre and is a very popular location for walkers and cyclists to stop and grab a bite to eat, but customers must now follow a long diversion to reach the restaurant.

Owner Tracey Waddell is not worried about it at all.

She said: “The diversions are good and work well. We are telling all our customers about them when they book and we have posted information on our Facebook page so everyone is aware of the new road layout.

“The bridge demolition was a necessity, but everything will be back to normal before too long when the bridges are re-built in spring.”