Philpstoun residents concerns over bus stop

Concerns have been raised over the standard of a bus stop in Gateside that Philpstoun residents will need to use if they wish to travel.

With the railway bridges in Philpstoun being closed due to work on the tracks, bus services have been affected.

As a result services 23, 32 and 34 will follow a diversion, missing out all stops in Philpstoun.

However during the period of closure, from November to May, 2016, West Lothian Council is providing a taxibus service.

Originally the service took residents from Philpstoun to Linlithgow and from Philpstoun to Gateside and Threemiletown so they can reconnect with the diverted buses.

The taxibus to Linlithgow no longer is running and one resident feels there was no warning it had stopped.

She said: “One morning I tried to book the taxibus to Linlithgow, but I was told the council no longer offers that service.”

A public transport spokesman said: “Unfortunately the service has had to be dropped as it was too expensive for the council to run.”

The other journey is still running and is free of charge to residents.

However the bus stop at Gateside that is the drop off point for the taxibus has been deemed unsafe by a Philpstoun local.

She said: “That bus stop is poorly lit, there is little pavement and there is no shelter.

“I certainly would not want to stand out there in this weather, never mind someone who is elderly.”

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: “We have been contacted by several users of the Philpstoun taxibus service regarding concerns over the bus stop at Gateside.

“The service can pick up and drop off from three different locations, one at Gateside and two within Threemiletown, so anyone who has concerns regarding the Gateside stop can choose an alternative stop within Threemiletown.”

The taxibus can be booked from 6.40am to 11.40pm, more information is available by contacting 01506 282320.