Pie’s the limit for store hit by a bakery ‘ban’

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A Kirkliston shopkeeper complains Scotmid has “banned” him from selling popular bakery goods – even although there’s no direct competition.

Worse than that, says Kirkliston News owner Rashid Ahmed, he can’t find an alternative supplier to Stuart the Bakers that meets the bill, as another well-known baker is under contract to Scotmid.

“I am literally being left without a source of supply because of the way Scotmid is treating Stuarts the Bakers”, he said.

“They are prevented from supplying to any rival store within a mile of a Scotmid, but the local Scotmid doesn’t stock Stuart’s goods anyway.”

He added: “Sales of Stuart’s cakes are particularly good, and the range includes pies, rolls, and all the rest – but I’ve been told I’ve two or three weeks to find an alternative.

“If they kept supplying me Scotmid would cancel their contract.

“Customers are appalled at the way Scotmid are behaving, and – like me – can’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed to buy the products they want.”

A spokesman for Scotmid said that as co-operative endeavour the firm’s commitment to local communities was second to none – particularly with sponsorship deals. –

He confirmed Stuart’s had ditched its supply arrangement with Mr Rashid after a discussion about its contract deal, understood to be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Although there is no Scotmid nearby selling Stuart’s goods he said an “over-riding consideration”, which the firm had accepted, meant it couldn’t supply Mr Ahmed.