Pigeons in deep doo-doo in our beautiful burgh

Pigeons roosting in underpass cause a right 'stink'.
Pigeons roosting in underpass cause a right 'stink'.

An underpass at Linlithgow railway station is the subject of a bitter battle between those looking to keep the ‘Burgh Beautiful’ – and a flock of pigeons!

Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Town Management Group (LLTMG) has recently written to Network Rail requesting its assistance in remedying ownership queries about cables in the underpass.

The LLTMG group has recently spent £6,000 upgrading the underpass, installing new railings and anti-pigeon spikes, as well as cleaning down the walls.

But despite this the pigeon problem persists.

The main issue is bundles of cables which are not encased that run along the top of the underpass roof, leaving what is an ideal roosting location for the birds.

The Town Management Group identifies and undertakes projects that will improve Linlithgow.

After many complaints about the mess the piegeons were creating, it took steps to rectify the issue.

The underpass connects the north entrance of the railway station to the canal basin.

It is also a busy pedestrian footpath to the town centre and for commuters heading into the railway station.

In addition, it is a designated safe route to the local primary school.

Stewart Ness, BID Manager for Linlithgow, said: “We are hopeful that once ownership of the cables is acknowledged further action can be taken.”