Pirates invade zoo

180411 babys and new features at five sisters zoo
180411 babys and new features at five sisters zoo
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ready to set sail and pillage the seas once again, a pirate ship has berthed at the Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian.

The new feature is just one of the latest additions at the popular zoo designed to spark the imagination of kids of all ages.

Sitting in the centre of a wooden fort with rope bridges, planks to walk and ‘shiver me timber’ slides to hurtle down, the boat was once a sailing vessel with its own story to tell.

Owners Brian and Shirley Curran sourced the ship from online auction site Ebay - a yachting world five ton, 26 footer called the Kitty Wake, designed by Robert Clark in 1946. The ship, has a long keel with oak timbers and copper fastenings and was previously harboured in South Wales. In it’s final resting place, the boat now includes a mast, a pirate, ship’s wheel and boards for youngsters to tread as they ‘oo-ar’ their way round the vessel, among a sea of palm trees.

In the meerkat enclosure, four new babies have been entertaining visitors - a record for the zoo, and out in the open, a European Eagle Owl has been sitting on her four eggs for the past month as zookeepers wait for them to hatch. With over 100 species of animals, birds and reptiles from around the world, Five Sisters offers the chance to get up close and personal with something a little bit different.