Players make Hay in jubilee year success

Barony Theatre David Hayman
Barony Theatre David Hayman

Renowned Scottish actor David Hayman brought his latest production ‘‘The Pitiless Storm’’ to the Barony Theatre in Bo’ness this week.

And the Independence Referendum-inspired one-man play drew a rousing ‘‘Yes’’ from the audience when it was revealed Mr Hayman had become patron of the Barony Players and their cozy, and welcoming Barony Theatre in the town’s Borrowstoun Road.

After the announcement, which was a closely-guarded secret known only to a few Barony insiders, Mr Hayman commented: “This is my favourite theatre in Scotland and it has a great acoustic.’’

A spokesman for Barony Players said: ‘‘The Barony Players are exceedingly happy to welcome David Hayman as patron. He really enjoys coming here.

‘‘This is great for the Barony Players and great for Bo’ness.’’

The Barony Theatre is about to be renovated as part of the Players’ 60th anniversary celebrations and Hayman’s backing will lift their profile considerably.

‘‘The Pitiless Storm’’ ran for two nights at the Barony Theatre earlier this week as David Hayman previewed the production ahead of taking it to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe later this month.