Playgroup’s bug hunt at the Peel

210513  Linlithgow, lochside playgroup go on a bug hunt.
210513 Linlithgow, lochside playgroup go on a bug hunt.

It’s a bug’s life down at Linlithgow Peel and tiny tots from Lochside Playgroup visited to see what they were all up to.

The kids were on a Bug Hunt with Historic Scotland ranger Ian Lewis as they have been covering a ‘Bugs and Beasties’ theme and were keen to see them in action.

Jenny Wilkinson from the playgroup said: “We went to the Secret Garden, which is a joint project between the Low Port Centre where 
we meet, and Historic Scotland.

“Then we went to the Peel on the hunt for beasties - so were stamping on the ground encouraging the worms to come out, catching flies in small nets before setting them free, and looking at lots of bugs like centipedes, millipedes with a magnifying glass, and miner bees which you find underground.”

Jenny added: “The kids really enjoyed it. There were 11 children from Lochside with their parents on the bug hunting expedition and no animals were hurt in the process.”

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