Police Call: If in doubt, keep workmen out...

Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson
Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson

Can’t believe the clocks went back last weekend – where has the year gone?!

Once again, we are into the time of year when there can be peaks in break-ins due to the dark nights leaving houses looking obviously empty during early evening.

By either leaving lights on when you are out, or alternatively setting light timers and leaving a radio on a talk channel can give the impression there is someone at home.

In addition, we were targeted across Bo’ness, Bonnybridge and Stenhousemuir by callous thieves pretending to be bona fide workmen, gaining the trust of the occupiers and then carrying out distraction thefts.

Again, if anyone turns up to carry out unscheduled work, even if they produce what appears to be legitimate identification, please leave them outside your house and contact the relevant agency or company direct.

Do not use any number supplied by the workman. Bona fide workmen will happily wait for their identity to be confirmed.

If in doubt, keep them out and phone 101.