Alba List candidate comes home to Linlithgow to speak to locals

Over the weekend ALBA Lothian List candidate, Christina Hendry, was out campaigning in Linlithgow with local activists.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 6:00 am
Alba candidate Christina Hendry with local activists

She said, “It was great being back in Linlithgow, my family’s home ground.

"My granny was from Bo’ness and my granda was a Black Bitch and they lived in Linlithgow for many years. I spent a lot of my childhood playing in the Preston Road swing park, walking by the canal and attending Rose games.

"I loved hearing stories from my granda about my family hero, such as my great-grandfather’s plumbing shop off the High Street.”

At 25, Christina is one of the youngest candidates in the party, which is only standing for List votes.

She added: “I felt it important to stand to provide a platform for young people. The Alba manifesto pledges support to all age groups, from our youngest in society, to our elderly.

"There are pledges of support for young people including doubling of the EMA, and free access to sporting facilities for all those under 18. This will benefit some 100,000 young people in Lothian, including those in Linlithgow.

“We had a fantastic response in Linlithgow and I love speaking to people who remembered my grandparents. It was great to hear from local voters, many of whom have said they are voting for Alba to make independence a priority on May 6.”