Councillor claims Bo'ness is not receiving its fair share

Bo’ness councillor Lynn Munro is concerned the town is not receiving a fair share of the latest Falkirk Council budget.

Falkirk Council has considered allowing camping and caravanning of the Kinneil Estate to raise cash

Councillor Munro said the lack of money meant all spending and assets had to be looked at, with suggestions that included renting out the two homes attached to Bo’ness Town Hall and using Kinneil Estate for camping and caravanning.

At the local authority’s budget meeting she asked: “Why aren’t we doing these things?

“Instead we have new gates ordered for a walled garden which the community were not consulted on and we no longer use.”

Although Councillor Munro backed the administration’s budget she said it needed a change of mindset and to start listening to communities more.

She also criticised the capital budget for concentrating on Falkirk and Grangemouth with not enough for smaller towns and villages.

Councilor Munro said: “The Braes lack basic facilities like gas and as a result suffer unaffordable heating bills.

Falklirk North councillor David Alexander countered that the proposals showed a “disproportionately high level per capita for Bo’ness”, including investment in the Hippodrome and railway.

He added: “When you look at Bo’ness you can see significant progress with the refurbishment of the library which will ensure it is the best in the district.

“There are also proposals for Kinneil Estate and the Foreshore at Bo’ness. We should be working together, not putting one community against another.”