Edinburgh Western candidates - Alex Cole-Hamilton, Liberal Democrats : Scottish Parliament Elections 2021

This election is like none other before it in the history of devolution, coming as it does in the midst of a pandemic.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 6:00 am
Alex Cole-Hamilton . Pic - Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

One thing is clear to me about the contest in Edinburgh Western, people want a government that will put the recovery first and focus on building back from the pandemic.

Local residents are exhausted, they are still anxious about the virus and they are uncertain about what the future holds.

The Scottish National Party wants to use this election to secure a mandate for a second divisive independence referendum and hold one in the next two years.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of operations need to be rescheduled; our kids need a catch up plan for all the learning they’ve missed out on in schools and we need a recovery plan for jobs given the huge wave of unemployment that will come when furlough ends.

The Liberal Democrats want to move away from the endless arguments about independence and to focus on the recovery.

I love west Edinburgh because it’s my home.

In the five years since local residents put their trust in me to represent them in Parliament, I have worked my heart out for our community.

I have helped thousands of people and worked hard to keep people informed at every stage of the Covid emergency.

As your MSP, I have personally ensured the survival of our zoo, stopped the abolition of jury trials and ensured that consultation will take place around spaces for people.

I’m just getting started.