Edinburgh Western candidates - Margaret Graham, Labour : Scottish Parliament elections 2021

As a childcare worker I find it unacceptable that one in four children in Scotland are now living in poverty.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 6:00 am
Labour candidate Margaret Graham.

Labour has a record of improving the physical and mental health of our children while lifting them out of poverty with policies like Sure Start.

The climate emergency is upon us now.

Delivering a green new deal that produces quality jobs in renewables, meets the Zero carbon emissions target and invests in an integrated public transport system are key policy areas.

There is a housing crisis in Edinburgh.

We need to build social housing at a faster rate on brown field sites, introduce a Fair Rents Bill and reduce the number of Air B&Bs in the City and surrounding areas.

Local planning issues need to take account of the wished and safety of local people.

Building new houses without consideration being given to how they will be accessed is wrong.

I would fight on the side of residents to overturn poor planning decisions.

Public services need investment to re-balance the inequality baked into our society.

Labour has always been at the forefront of fighting poverty and inequality and that would be my priority if elected to the Scottish Parliament.

Edinburgh Western has many diverse communities and I would enjoy representing them.