Falkirk East candidates: Paul Rolfe, Liberal Democrats - Scottish Parliament elections 2021

My interest in politics began as a teenager, when I first noticed a young Liberal Stuart Mole was challenging the old guard conservative MP in my local town and ever since I have been in tune with the broad principles of Liberalism.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 6:00 am
Liberal Democrats candidate Paul Rolfe.

To me the Liberal Democrats are center politics and not extreme to the left or right. Which often pans out to be the right choice in many real-life situations. The ability to find a result where everyone feels they have won, and not just a loser.

I also want people to be treated well and not secondary to profits and power or the extremities of the far left.

As a local person who lives in his constituency, I have been involved with thousands of local families through my works and I feel I am in tune with the needs and issues around Falkirk East, Grangemouth, and Bo’ness.

In a few words - Fairness - Health - Economy/Job - Education and Housing are the subjects I am most concerned about. Plus, just helping and representing local people are my aims. I want to put recovery first and help my local constituency to bounce back from the disruption of the virus.