How your MP will vote in today’s historic Brexit vote

Remain has taken a 12 point lead
Remain has taken a 12 point lead

MP Martyn Day has been explaining why he will vote down the crunch Commons vote on Brexit which will take place next Tuesday.

Slamming the Prime Minister’s approach towards the once-delayed vote as “cowardly and chaotic”, the Scottish Nationalist claims that his constituents are more in favour of remaining in the European Union than they were at the 2014 referendum.

Mr Day said: “I am voting against this because of its multifarious negative impacts for Scotland, and the rest of the UK.

“There are evident economic issues, like how the loss of European funding will be addressed and how the economy will be negatively affected if we leave the single market and customs union. The shadow of Brexit has no doubt also impacted how current inward investors view further financial expenditure in the UK.

“However, there are other, less obvious, social impacts that will adversely affect the people of the UK if we leave the EU, such as the loss of reciprocal healthcare; how it will affect the aviation industry; and visually impaired people travelling with their guide dogs.

“My preference in line with both the constituency and Scottish majority vote is to remain in the EU, I would support a second EU referendum provided there is a remain option.”

Meanwhile, Edinburgh West Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine said she will also vote against the deal and is calling for a second referendum. She said: “There is no deal, including the one on the table, that can be as good as what we already have as a full EU member.”

“The people must be given the final say on the deal and asked whether, knowing all the details now, this is what the really want. My constituency voted overwhelmingly remain, something which has been reflected in the hundreds of pieces of correspondence I’ve had asking for a people’s vote.

“As a Liberal Democrat, I have always favoured a vote on the final deal and as a committed constituency MP I will work to reflect what Edinburgh West voted for.”