Linlithgow constituency - Sally Pattle, Liberal Democrats - Scottish Parliament elections 2021

The past year has turned our lives upside down.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 6:00 am
Liberal Democrats' Linlithgow candidate, Sally Pattle.

The Liberal Democrats will give Scotland the time and investment needed to recover from the pandemic.

We will focus on jobs, mental health, our NHS, schools, and the climate crisis.

We know this isn’t the time to talk about constitutional matters because no matter how you dress nationalism up, at its heart it is designed to divide us.

The last thing the next government should be using scarce resources for is another bitterly fought referendum.

We need to restore our precious health services, and repair the damage done to our economy and public services over the past twelve months.

We need to tackle the widening inequalities that have only worsened during the pandemic.

We need to invest in more teachers and create real opportunities for young people whose lives have been cruelly affected, so that they can reach their full potential.

It is scandalous that a quarter of children in West Lothian live in poverty and that Scotland has the highest level of drug deaths in Europe.

We need to break these destructive cycles with sustained investment in services and compassionate treatment.

We do not need the distraction of the Scottish National Party’s quest for independence.

It helps no-one at this critical time in our shared history.

We deserve better than their broken promises and their many failures in managing Scotland’s affairs.

I am proud to be standing for the Liberal Democrats.

They will put recovery first.

Because that’s what Scotland needs right now.