Lothian MSP calls for no more delay to devolved disability benefits

Jeremy Balfour MSP
Jeremy Balfour MSP

Lothian List MSP Jeremy Balfour (Con)lodged an amendment at Holyrood this week to a motion calling for no further delay to any devolved disability assistance benefits.

The original motion lodged by SNP MSP Shirley-Anne Sommerville stated the Scottish Parliament’s commitment to improving the provision of disability benefits in Scotland.

Social security became a devolved benefit under the Scotland Act 2016 and the Scottish Parliament voted unanimously to pass the Social Security (Scotland) Bill in 2018 which established the legislative framework for disability benefits.

Mr Balfour, who is a recipient of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), has criticised the time that it is taking the Scottish Government to implement some of the plans set out in this bill.

He said: “I am very concerned about the delay in the delivery of PIP and the lack of detail that the SNP government have provided us with about these delays.

“Over the past 18 months, since the bill was passed, the Scottish Government have taken their time in the delivery of this benefit.

“It is unfair that people with disabilities have to pay the price of these delays; and the government must ensure that the delivery of PIP becomes a priority with no further delays.”