MSP backs LGBTI friendly lessons

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Lesson intended to make education more inclusive for gay pupils have been given the full backing of Linlithgow MSP Fiona Hyslop.

Last week, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister and Education Secretary, John Swinney MSP confirmed that the Scottish Government will fully accept the recommendations of a report by a working group to this end.

Ms Hyslop said: “This marks a historic milestone in the ongoing drive for equality across Scotland and I am proud that Scotland consistently tops international rankings for performance on LGBTI rights.

“Offensive, out-dated views have no place in our society and the Scottish Government is clear that any form of bullying or discrimination in our society will not be tolerated.

“Particularly in this, the Year of Young People, it is fitting for this SNP Government to send a strong message of tolerance and respect the young generations and I am proud to stand in solidarity with our LGBTI community to ensure young people across West Lothian receive the inclusive education they deserve.”

However some church groups have expressed misgivings - and suggested that money would be better spent improving education across the board, as The Christian Institute has done.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the Catholic Church said: “We welcome any recommendations that will help to ensure that pupils and school staff are properly equipped to challenge and eradicate prejudiced based bullying within schools and wider society in accordance with the law. The Catholic Education Community have been working to identify professional development opportunities while finding ways to develop appropriate resources for schools which are in line with church teaching.”

“We hope that the impact of these recommendations will be positive for all and that lessons learned from this process can be transferred to tackling similar issues associated with other areas of equalities and inclusion education.”