MSP pledges to fight Trump

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP.
Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP.

South Queensferry’s MSP has urged the UK Government to rescind its controversial invitation to US President Donald Trump, accusing him of representing “the biggest threat to humanity since the Second World War”.

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP told a 1,500-strong rally in Edinburgh: “When he started to fill his White House with white male bigots I stood up – we are part of a global movement and we will not sit down.

“Today we march for our brothers and sisters of Islam (referring to those caught up in the chaotic travel ban) but tomorrow it could be the gay community, or rape survivors; the African American community or climate change scientists.

“Whatever the frontier we will hold the line and show Trump, his puppet masters and the watching world that we will not tire – we will not sit down, we will only resist.

“I’m proud to stand with people of all parties and of none.

“I’m going to finish with a message for the prime minister. Theresa May – when you clasp hands with this man and offer him the full pomp and majesty of a state visit, you diminish yourself, you diminish the office you hold and you diminish our nation.

“Rescind the invitation, remind yourself that no trade deal is worth a fire sale of our values or our respect for human rights and the rule of law.

“Send him a message that ours is a decent, open tolerant country, our nation, like his, is a tapestry of immigrants.”