Remember your poll card for General Election

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With the General Election just a day away, the public is being asked to take poll cards along with them to the polling station if possible, to help staff identify them quickly when they go to vote.

West Lothian voters will have already received their poll cards, detailing their local polling station. Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

Once they have received their ballot paper residents should follow the instructions on it carefully.

Voters will be asked to place one cross beside the candidate of their choice.

Residents only need to mark one x on the ballot paper as any other marks could mean their vote is not counted. Replacement ballot papers are available from polling station staff if they make a mistake.

Postal votes are currently being distributed, so people should follow the instructions included and return their postal vote as soon as possible.

Only British Citizens aged 18 and over can vote in this election. For more information, please visit either or