Polling cards are in the post

MAKE IT COUNT: Polling cards are in the post...
MAKE IT COUNT: Polling cards are in the post...

PollING cards for voters in Bo’ness, Blackness and Whitecross were delivered to the Royal Mail on March 30 and all eligible electors should receive theirs by April 6.

If you have not received a polling card for the May 3 council elections by then you should contact the Electoral Registration Office now.

You can telephone on 01786 892289, fax 01786-892255 or email ero@centralscotland-vjb.gov.uk giving your address and who should be registered.

If you are not already registered to vote at your current address you can pick up a registration form in your local library or request a form from the above contacts.

You only have until April 18 to complete and return a registration form in time to vote on May 3.

Anyone who wants to vote by post at these elections and who isn’t already an existing postal voter has until 5pm on April 18 to deliver a signed application to the Electoral Registration Office.