Potato famine forces Domino’s into Aldi

Dominos staff buying wedges at Aldi's
Dominos staff buying wedges at Aldi's

Customers of a local pizza fast food restaurant are fuming after learning that they had been duped into buying potato wedges supplied by Aldi.

Patrons of the local Domino’s branch at Stockbridge Retail Park have been buying the store’s potato wedges, priced at £3.49 per portion, unaware that the product had been sourced from the next door cut-price supermarket, Aldi, who sell a bag for 59 pence.

The popular pizza outlet claimed that Aldi’s own-brand wedges were being bought for personal use.

After confronting the store manager on the large quantity of bags being purchased, the Journal and Gazette was referred to the company’s media office.

We were first alerted to the deception by Tom Sneddon, a First Bus employee who lives in Linlithgow.

He had been in the queue behind the uniformed Domino’s employee and took some pictures on his mobile phone, which he then tweeted.

He commented: “I am a regular customer of Domino’s Pizza and was surprised to see a staff member buying potato wedges from Aldi.

“Whilst I had a bit of a chuckle, it is also really cheeky flogging Aldi products as their own.

A spokesman for Domino’s said: “Very occasionally stores are in an unfortunate situation where some products may run out.

‘‘With big sporting events in full swing the Linlithgow store was faced with no wedges. We do not advocate this as a solution and we have spoken to them to ensure ordering has been adjusted to fully cover this busy period and our customers get Domino’s wedges”