Prestigious title win for piper Miller.

191012 Linlithgow piper ross miller.
191012 Linlithgow piper ross miller.

Linlithgow Academy pupil Ross Miller (17) won the Falkirk Tryst Piping Recital and MacMurchie Contest, held in Falkirk’s St Modan’s Parish Church - going one better than 2011 when he finished runner-up.

The event is the oldest piping competition in the world, dating from 1781, and which was started to keep the Highland traditions going after the battle of Culloden. It was resurrected in its modern form in 2010.

The top 10 young pipers from Scotland and Northern Ireland are invited to perform a 30 minute recital and the competition is split into two parts, with Ross leaving as the 
victor in both.

“It is great to see my name on the trophy with all of the other pipers from years gone by,’’ he said. ‘‘I have the utmost respect for everyone who was involved on the day and I think a lot of my performance was down to how up for it I was feeling.” Ross, who hopes to go to the Royal Conservatoire to study piping, added: “I got into the pipes at the age of seven and I have played them ever since. I have received great support from my mum and dad, taking me to practice over the years and travelling across Europe with me.”