Provost’s fury at nursery cuts

Donaldsons School Linlithgow
Donaldsons School Linlithgow

Linlithgow’s Provost, Councillor Tom Kerr, has resigned from the board of trustees at Donaldson’s school in a furious row over West Lothian Council’s decision to axe funding from its nursery.

In last week’s Journal and Gazette, we reported that parents were up-in-arms over the decision to remove funding provision from the privately run nursery at the school, which has been applauded as a ‘sector leader’ in HMI reports.

Provost Kerr wrote to parents of pupils at the nursery in Linlithgow after revealing his action had been as a result of council officers failing to notify him and other elected members.

Provost Kerr said: “The first knowledge I had of the withdrawal of the contract was when I was contacted by parents.

“Having spoken to senior council officers it is clear that myself, as a Donaldson’s board member, Councillor John McGinty, the council leader, and Councillor Lawrence Fitzpatrick, the education spokesman, should have been made aware of this prior to it going out to the school.

“Notwithstanding this, we would not have been able to intervene in the decision.

“As a consequence, I have resigned from the Donaldson’s board.”

Parents welcomed the development, saying it was a sign of “concern” over the decision.

Mary Mulligan, convener of the board of Donaldson’s Trust, said: “It is with regret that we lose Tom Kerr from the board.

“He has made it clear this is entirely due to the decision by the council on the nursery and the way in which the council handled it.

“I will be asking Tom to reconsider as I greatly value his experience and contribution to our board.”

West Lothian council declined to comment as the matter is in a legal standstill position until January 29.