Public being ‘duped’ say Victoria Hall’s owners

Victoria Halls, Linlithgow
Victoria Halls, Linlithgow

Plans to restore Linlithgow’s Victoria Halls appear to have stalled as the building’s owners claim the project is ‘‘dead in the water’’.

Montreal Properties Limited which own the semi-derelict building that blights Linlithgow High Street told the Journal and Gazette that, under the current incumbents running the Victoria Halls Trust, the plans are nothing but ‘‘pie in the sky’’.

This follows the recent inaugural annual general meeting of the trust, whose spokesman David Tait said: “We have a working relationship with the owners, and in fact are looking to set up 
another meeting to discuss a recently supplied valuation for the property.

“We explained the nature of our project at the outset making it clear that it was likely to take some time to come to fruition as progress was dependent on voluntary input and raising donations from within the community.”

Mr John Cortellessa, spokesman for Montreal Properties Ltd., said: “I have been telling these people for a very long time that their plans are unviable and they should stop duping people by drip feeding nonsense about what they propose to achieve.

“At our meeting in January, which certainly wasn’t amicable, I drew a line under the whole project and told them I wanted nothing more to do with it. That is the present position and it will not change.

‘‘They should stop leading people on and basically wind everything up because it’s going nowhere, it never has done and it never will do. These people haven’t a clue.”