Pupils’ support for Fair remains high

Sir, - May I, through the courtesy of your columns, thank very sincerely the head teachers of the primary schools in Bo’ness, and in particular Mrs Genoe of the Public School, for their help and co-operation in running the current Helen Ward-Birkby essay competition.

“What the Fair means to me” attracted over 120 entries from the senior children of the five schools and the efforts of all the young contestants are deserving of the highest praise.

The winners are still to be decided.

So high is the standard of the vast majority of the entries that deciding who is first, second and third is proving to be a difficult task.

What is clearly apparent though is that the attraction that the Fair holds for our children is very, very strong indeed, and is being looked forward to with enthusiastic anticipation, as this small selection of quotes emphatically demonstrates: “To me the Fair signifies true fellowship throughout the town”, “a simply wonderful tradition in Bo’ness”, “the Fair should never be forgotten or disowned”, “I’m talking about the most cheery and uplifting thing - not just in June but the whole year”, “the whole town takes on a magical hue”, “I just love it, and this year I’ll love it even more for I am a banner boy!” All wonderful stuff.

And, if almost 80 per cent of the entries are to be believed, the Fair really is the best day of the year! It is, after all, Simply the Best! – Yours etc.,


via email

Sir, – People are quick to complain but slow to praise.

We have purchased the Queensferry Gazette since our move here in 1974 and I would just like to say what a brilliant improvement over the last wee while.

The quality of printing and the photographs are so much better, and there does seem so much more news etc. in the paper now.

Yes, we took up the reduced price offer, but sometimes I forget to take the coupon with me but I still buy the paper as it is part of the Friday ritual.

Please keep up the new standards and pass on thanks to all involved. – Yours etc.,

Laurie and Norma Brown

South Queensferry

by email