Queen Courtney rules Bridgend

030801   Bridgend gala day 2013.
030801 Bridgend gala day 2013.
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It was a dazzling day for all 
involved in the Bridgend Gala Day on Saturday.

Courtney Kelly (12) of Woodside Place was the lucky girl crowned at the village’s 
biggest event, which drew in the crowds and lived up to all expectations.

Courtney said: “It was 
really good - I felt like a princess, and it was even better than I expected. My favourite bit was probably the crowning but I also loved wearing my dress. My party in the evening went really well and it was all quite exciting. I want to thank all my friends and family, and especially my gran and grandad for everything they did.”

Courtney has been taking part in the Gala Day since she was one year old, and it was a real family affair with mum Donna and dad Gary working hard on the preparations, and brother Dylan who 
enjoyed being a Scottish soldier on the day.

Donna said: “It was amazing - nothing could have gone better. Courtney had a ball. When she put her dress on I was away - I couldn’t stop crying! Dylan had a great day too, and we won top prize for the garden so all the hard work paid off!”

Duties for Courtney this year will include a visit to St Michael’s Day Care Centre and other local events.

The family also paid tribute to the crowner, Jean Turnbull (82), who had been picked for her contribution to the village but who, sadly, passed away a few hours after the ceremony.

Not wanting to detract from the village’s day, her son John Turnbull said: “My mother had a great day but sadly passed away later on Saturday evening.”

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