Queensferry BB celebrate awards night

Badges and awards were presented when 31st Edinburgh (South Queensferry) Boys’ Brigade held its annual display.

The following major awards were presented: Best Primary 2 Anchor Boy – Bryn Logan; Sarah Macdonald Trophy for the Most Enthusiastic Anchor Boy – Lewis Scott; Best Anchor Boy – Matthew Grant; Junior Section Gold Achievement – Findlay Boyes, Ross McKendrick, Michael Wallace, Liam Collins, Quinn Mitchell, Jack Quinn, Sam Grant, Conall Hogg, Joshua Jamieson and Liam Redgrave; Hynd Trophy for Enthusiasm – Cpl Ciaran Hunter; Montgomery Trophy for Best Uniform – Cpl Cameron Greig; MacColl Cup for Best Drilled Boy – L/Cpl Sean Slight; Captain’s Trophy – Junior Section Boy Quinn Mitchell; Forth Bridge Centenary Trophy – Jed Hogg; Winning Post Cup – Findlay Boyes; Best Junior Section Squad – Squad 1; Hewlett Packard Shield (Best Junior Section Boy) – Jack Quinn; Allan Stewart Shield (Best Company Section Recruit) – Pte Ynyr Liddell; Hewlett Packard Cup (Best Company Section Boy) – Sgt David Brown and Sgt Ross Clarke.

Company section promotions : Pte to L/Cpl – Pte Charles Jones, Pte Blair Davidson & Pte Cameron Malley; L/Cpl to Cpl – L/Cpl Jamie Marnie, L/Cpl Sean Slight & L/Cpl Lewis Smiles; Cpl to Sgt – Cpl Ciaran Hunter.

The junior section was presented with the Battalion swimming trophy, won earlier in the year. Two boys were presented with the Queen’s Badge – Cpl Cameron Greig and Cpl Ciaran Hunter.

Three older boys Sgt David Brown, Sgt Ross Clarke and Cpl Cameron Greig were discharged