Queensferry Crossing is bridging the gap

Another significant milestone for the Queensferry Crossing recently saw the 5600 tonne north approach viaduct being fully launched.

Engineers have completed the hugely complex process of pushing the massive viaduct out across the Queensferry Crossing’s distinctive v-shaped piers on the north side of the Forth.

Unlike the south viaduct, which was constructed in sections, the 2220 metre long north viaduct was fully assembled on site and pushed out over static temporary supports as a single operation.

A distance of only 64 metres now lies between making the connection from the north viaduct to the north deck fan.

Visiting the crossing to view the latest progress and speak with some of those involved, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure Keith Brown said: “If any further evidence is required to demonstrate large scale, world class engineering, look no further than progress on the Queensferry Crossing.

“Pushing such a huge structure in such a controlled manner, working to a tolerance of a few millimetres, requires expert planning and execution.

“It is clear highly skilled and experienced engineers are bringing their knowledge to the project, while others are taking the opportunity to gather their experience.

“This level of expertise is helping to ensure the project remains on schedule to have traffic on the bridge this December.”

Michael Martin, project director for the consortium building the new bridge, Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors, said: “The launch of the North Approach Viaduct into its final position has been one of the most technically challenging operations of its type ever performed.

“It required the ingenuity of some of the best engineers in the world to design and build the structure and devise the method of safely and successfully launching it out into position.”

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