Queensferry dad raises cash for Sick Kids

Fundraiser Neil Gow with kids
Fundraiser Neil Gow with kids

A Queensferry man is to raise cash for a children’s charity through taking part in his favourite pastime.

Neil Gow is hoping to raise money for the Sick Kids in Edinburgh by taking part in a 24-hour gaming marathon and is looking for others to take part.

Neil, of Rosebery Avenue, first got involved with the Sick Kids after his 22-month old son Conor, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes over the summer.

Due to his age and the severity of his condition, young Conor needed to spend five nights in the hospital until he was stable enough to continue his treatment at home.

And because of the level of care that they received and continue to receive from staff at the hospital, both Neil and wife Emma were keen to get involved in some kind of fundraising to help them.

He said: “We’ve had a very difficult few months adjusting to things and I dread to think what things would have been like without the support from staff at the hospital. Conor was diagnosed at 18 months and was the youngest child in the Lothians to have the condition.”

Looking to fundraising options, Neil found the Sick Kids Friends Foundation organise an annual Sick Kids Save Point, a 24-hour gaming marathon, which is due to take place over the weekend of October 7-9.

Neil (34) said; “I’m a huge gaming fan so I was over the moon that I found something that I could contribute to. It’s also a rather novel way to raise funds. This is the second year that the event has been run, they raised over £7000 last year and are hoping to make it to £10,000 this year.”

So far Neil has raised almost £600 on his own and with over 50 people already signed up to take part, they expect to raise in excess of £5000.

Last year’s fundraising effort raised enough cash to buy vital keyhole surgery equipment for the hospital and the aim this year if they reach their target is to provide the hospital with a children’s computer network.

Neil, who works for the Royal Bank of Scotland at Gogarburn, said: “Thanks to family, friends, work colleagues and members of gaming forum, www.grcade.com, I have raised nearly £600 but I would still like to raise more.”

On his chances of completing the marathon, he added: “I don’t get as much time to play now but I think I will be up to the task. Some of my friends have given me games that are really rubbish so it will be more of a challenge.”

If readers would like to help Neil raise cash for the Sick Kids you can do so by going to www.justgiving.com/Neil-Gow1