Queensferry hit by downpours

180712  Flooding at echline, south queensferry.
180712 Flooding at echline, south queensferry.
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Queensferry was hit with another deluge of rain this week which caused major flooding and road closures.

Areas of Queensferry were under a foot of water as rain fell constantly throughout Wednesday.

The Builyeon Road and Springfield areas were the worst affected after drains could not cope with the amount of rainwater flowing off fields.

This was the second time in under two weeks that this area had been hit by floodwater.

The main flood problem began around 5pm on the Builyeon Road but remained passable.

However, water flowed off fields onto the A904 and channelled down the Bo’ness Road, combining with floodwater from fields at Springfield. At one stage there was up to 12 inches of water flowing down the Bo’ness Road and four properties in Springfield Road and View were flooded.

Police, fire services and the city council’s West Neighbourhood team rushed to the scene and brought in pumping equipment and sandbags to prevent further flooding.

The Bo’ness Road was also closed for several hours.

A city council spokeswoman said: “Four properties were flooded but there were no evacuations, water was pumped from the surrounding area and dehumidifiers given to those affected.”

Some residents are concerned that works for the new bridge crossing are to blame for the increase in flood water, and even said their helpdesk was not available during the emergency.

A FCBC spokesman said: “We will investigate if the works are contributing to the flooding and look at measures that can be implemented to minimise any impact of 
future heavy rainfalls.”