Queensferry housing application on hold

Ferrymuir Gait  development site
Ferrymuir Gait development site
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A controversial planning application to build homes on the former Corus hotel site in Queensferry has been put on hold – for the time being.

Council planners had this week recommended approval for 125 properties to be developed on land overlooking the Forth Bridges, despite scores of objections.

But councillors will now visit the Ferrymuir Gait site before making a final decision.

The application on behalf of land onwers Corus proposed two storey flats and detached homes on land next to the FRC Contact and Education Centre.

The land is also next to the FETA administration and works compound.

But the main bone of contention was access to and from the development, through the nearby Varney estate and onto the busy Kirkliston Road.

When plans were submitted late last year the proposal attracted almost 130 letters of objection, including concerns from the town’s community council, FETA and a petition from Varney Residents Association.

Community council chairman Keith Giblett said: “Never in my lifetime as a community councillor has there been such a heavily-objected development, yet the city council planners were set to approve it.

“Local schools would again benefit through planning gain but there is no gain for the local infrastructure.”