Queensferry housing objections dismissed

MSP Colin Keir
MSP Colin Keir
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Objections to proposals for increased housing in Queensferry fell on deaf ears last week as city councillors gave the green light for a maximum of 30,000 new homes to be built across the city.

The proposals include up to 1500 properties being built on land south of Buil-yeon Road, South Scotstoun and Dalmeny.

The sites at Builyeon will see between 700 and 980 properties created; South Scotstoun, between 365 and 510; and at Dalmeny, west of Bankhead Road, 12-18 new homes. This figure is in addition to 1000 properties already under review for the Queensferry area.

Diane Job, planning convenor for Queensferry and District Community Council said: ‘‘We feel that we have been badly let down by a City Council who ignore the views of South Queensferry residents on most matters.’’

Edinburgh West MSP Colin Keir, who opposed plans for any housing to be built in the Queensferry area, added: ‘‘I am particularly concerned for the people of Queensferry who have had new housing development sites dumped on them at the last minute not allowing adequate time for them to consider the proposals.

‘‘These proposals at Builyeon Road and South Scotstoun only appeared a few short weeks ago and I know that community council worked hard to get their concerns in to the council only to be told that their comments had been received after the deadline.

‘‘This is no way to treat the community of South Queensferry and smacks of desperation on the part of the Council rather than a set of strategic proposals.’’